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Scratch before you read and write…

…and learn to programme computers at the age of 4! This interesting New Scientist reports on an interesting pilot study at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, USA, where 4 to 7-year-old kids are learning using graphical blocks instead of text … Lire la suite

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The Actor Network Manager became visible…

…on today’s Jour des Projets at ESIEE Paris. Five dedicated MoTIS students (from left to right Astrid HOLST, Mouaz AL SAWAF, Divij BABBAR, Carsten BOJERT,  and Anastasia AZAROVA,) presented an early version of this new Android application to the jury and … Lire la suite

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Managing your antiprogrammes should be much easier…

…with the Actor Network Theory app that an intercultural team of five MoTIS students (Anastasia AZAROVA, Divij BABBAR, Carsten BOJERT, Astrid HOLST and Mouaz AL SAWAF) is currently creating. Developing an Android tablet app is a first for all of … Lire la suite

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Controversy Circus Comes…

…to ESIEE this week. The idea that engineering students can learn something by mapping technical and scientific controversies has been around as long as the trees that lead to ESIEE. It comes from maestro Bruno Latour, who started it at … Lire la suite

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Leaning on « lean » is cool and mean…

…or that’s how it seems anyway. At ESIEE Paris, my colleague (now semi-retired) Michel Dalipagic has always been a real evangelist of « lean ». Michel had worked in the automobile sector, where lean manufacturing was really taken on board. Then in … Lire la suite

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Tasty low hanging actor network theory fruit for you to pick!

All those who answered the  programme-antiprogramme ANT questionnaire posted by the ESIEE Paris MoTIS student team in early April, can now pick up the result: a nicely illustrated paper that includes a summary of the questionnaire results, interviews with 3 … Lire la suite

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It’s all over now…

…for the ITMP 2012 Masters students whose graduation ceremony took place this afternoon at the headquarters of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, just a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées. Dominique Perrin, the Director of ESIEE Paris, gave … Lire la suite

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