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Global Corona Controversies (2)

  In  Bruno Latour’s recent article on the Corona pandemic in Le Monde, (and here in English) the word controversy is not mentioned once. But the actor network perspective is everywhere. Society, he reminds us, is composed of associations of … Lire la suite

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Block off 20 hours one weekend and properly read this…

…great book by Michel Callon and his colleagues. Old (to me old is 1970s, but to most people 2001 is old!) and deep. Acting in an Uncertain World, the English language version of Agir dans un monde incertain came out in … Lire la suite

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Hello Tomorrow or…

…I’m a GOM… but an optimistic GOM. A GOM is a « grumpy old man ».  And this time of year I start moaning about all the innovation things in Paris that always happen at this time of year. The Rite of … Lire la suite

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2 étoiles montantes ITMP…

…Nathalie, ITMP2006, et Françoise, ITMP2009 sont dans deux pépinières/incubateurs parisiens très intéressants que j’ai visité ces jours ci. Nathalie est dans le Loft 50 partners  – un très bel espace au cœur des Halles.  Jean de Limé (un des 50 … Lire la suite

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Don’t say « Gantt chart » say « harmonogram »

Simultaneous discoveries occasionally happen. In chemistry Scheele, Preistley and Lavoisier can all claim to have discovered Oxygen. Even so, I was surprised to discover, thanks to the research my ISBS1 students were doing last spring for their project management books, … Lire la suite

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Physics and all that jazz…

A hundred years ago science was cool and sexy. It attracted rebels and non-conformists. Nowadays it has certain image problems.  Geeky and nerdy. Young people aren’t naturally drawn to it. So how do you make it attractive? In the UK,  it’s … Lire la suite

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Callon and Latour are the Lennon and McCartney of STS…

…and if you add John Law, then it’s like Crosby, Stills and Nash. Bruno Latour has been more in the limelight in the past twenty years. But Michel Callon’s writings and actions are just as fundamental to Actor Network Theory … Lire la suite

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