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Lucky me. Travelling to Turku

Got a great seat on the 1050 Finnair plane to HKI. Read some ISBS programme antiprogrammes in terminal 2D. Played the red piano a bit. Read my John Le Carré book a bit. More programme antiprogrammes. Talked to my neighbour, … Lire la suite

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« Finland: game over? »

This title was intially a marketing trick to draw fourth year ESIEE students into a workshop on innovation next month. Now I’m in Finland, I’ve been asking some of my Finnish friends that same question.  The answers so far are … Lire la suite

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Day 2 in Turku…

…more like morning. Students are busy working on their bioimaging projects. The Finnish way: « This room if you don´t have a laptop but work with Windows. That one if you like Macs. Follow me to the third room if you … Lire la suite

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