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Concours Lepine becomes SLUSH

May is the month for inventors in Paris. This year is the 114th edition of the inventors’ competition. Last year I remember our ESIEE friend and innovator Nicolas Trub being interviewed on the radio. There were 13 categories of prizes … Lire la suite

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Finland : new game

Why? I’m back in Turku again. Back on the Bore boat hostel. Back in the kitchen. No anxious ISBS students, no tea. Just Glögg to drink. 130 in the morning. The busdriver from the airport very kindly took me all … Lire la suite

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Everything connects to everything…

or at least so it looks in the ITMP 15 innovation exploration expeditions in which small teams are looking at Big Data, digital health, non industrial robotics and the internet of things. These four topics are like (fuzzy) points which … Lire la suite

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