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Block off 20 hours one weekend and properly read this…

…great book by Michel Callon and his colleagues. Old (to me old is 1970s, but to most people 2001 is old!) and deep. Acting in an Uncertain World, the English language version of Agir dans un monde incertain came out in … Lire la suite

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From hippomobility to automobility to…?

I once heard a radio programme in which Daniel Roche, a wonderful historian of the 18th century (in the same league as Robert Darnton), described the industrial ecosystem at the time of hippomobility.  Horses provided power. They ate grain. They … Lire la suite

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100% of the voters were right! This eye…

was indeed part of the theatrical effects of the Transhumanism Controversy team. Here was another effect Here is the whole team with Mike who was part of the jury   The poster will get a special report later. It’s like … Lire la suite

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Why such an eye?

Here’s the eye:  

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Are controversies useful?

No prizes for guessing my opinion on this! But when an ESIEE engineering lecturer colleague sent me this link I thought « Oh yeah! Bruno Latour on the radio again ». But no. This is a different set of experts and academics: … Lire la suite

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Californian antiprogramme forces Pepsi and Coke to translate the product

This is a beautiful example of how an antiprogramme actor can force a programme translation. The antiprogramme actor is a Californian obligation to put an anticancer warning on the bottles or cans of Coke and Pepsi if there is a … Lire la suite

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La Technopanique…

…est un terme nouveau pour moi.  « Technophobie » – bien sur mais panique… Pour en savoir plus sur ce qui se cache derrière cliquez ici! Et si c’était de la technojalousie tout simplement?

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