More anti programmes for Prime Minister

Boris Johnson’s programme (leave EU on 31st October) got a big anti programme actor on Saturday.

A majority of the MPs in the the UK Parliament

voted « not yet! We need to examine the deal first » = Non human actor.

The deal is not passed. It’s not dead. It’s suspended.

Boris immediately mobilised 4 non human actors on the programme side:

and unsigned letter to the EU which says « Parliament is asking you for and extension »

a signed letter to the EU which says « …but I don’t think that’s a good idea »

a signed letter to the EU to explain what is going on

a signed letter to UK MPs to encourage them to vote for « the deal » as soon as possible.

So we have a new phase in the diagram.

But also the non human actor which is his change project i.e.

proposed UK-EU deal

has changed to become (remember the circles that change colour from phase to phase?)

suspended UK-EU deal.

To analyse this properly in real time we would need all 24 MoTIS students!

But let’s see if we can explore things like interest, added value etc by looking at two human actors in the story.

Human actor #1: DUP block

Role in project : these are the Northern Ireland MPS which the Conservative prime minister normally has on his side to have a majority in parliament.

Interest : their interest in general is to defend the community in Northern Ireland which wants Northern Ireland to stay an integral part of the United Kingdom and to defend any move towards an eventual unification between the Republic of Ireland (the South, which is of course in the EU) and the North.

Degree of support or opposition for BJ’s deal :  Very strong opposition. They are opposed because with the proposed customs border in the Irish Sea would be a step towards unification.

Added or Nuisance value to BJ’s deal :  Very high nuisance value because they deprive him of votes and they also encourage others to vote against his deal.

Human actor#2 : Jeremy Corbyn

Role in project : leader of the Labour opposition and in anti programme

Interest : become the next Prime Minister of a Labour government as soon as possible

Degree of support or opposition to BJ deal : he is opposed because his party thinks the deal will cut the UK from EU regulations and weaken environmental and social standards.

Added or nuisance value : average nuisance value because not all the MPs in his party support him.  A lot of people think that under his leadership Labour would not win an election this year.




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