IPM1 Solo assignment extra deliverable…

…But it’s for your good!

Because of the difficulties people have distinguishing between the « the degree of added value » and « degree of support » of an actor in a programme, or the « the degree of nuisance value » and « degree of opposition » in the anti-programme. Before you send me your assignment you must to send me a short Solo assignment proposal. The deadline for your proposal is midnight Sunday 27th October.

I would like a PDF  which is one page A4 paper with

Title: IPM1 solo assignment proposal

  • Your name
  • Date
  •  a 2 line description of the (product or service) innovation or change process you want to describe/are thinking about describing
  • Was it a success, semi-success, semi-failure, failure?
  • example of an important actor in the programme (but NOT you)
  • example of an important actor in the anti-programme

For each actor briefly explain the actor’s

  • role in the project
  • interests (in general)
  • degree of support or hostility and did it change?
  • degree of added value or nuisance value and did it change

You can add questions to me at the bottom if you’re not sure about something.

Also please remember that if some of the actors in your programmes or anti programmes are OPPs (obligatory points of passage – this means that unless this actor is on your side, in the programme, your project will not succeed and therefore it is obligatory for you to do whatever is necessary for the actor to be on your side), please make this clear in your comments or in the diagrams. They are like super heroes or super villains 

For example with Brexit…it became clear to Boris Johnson a few weeks ago that the absence of a border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic was an OPP because the EU would never agree to a border. So he agreed to put the border in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and the island of Ireland (North and South). He had no choice because it was an OPP. If he did not do that he would have No Deal for sure.  To do this he had to compromise his ideal deal. The actor « deal with a border in Ireland » becomes « deal with a border in the Irish Sea ». Remember I asked you on Tuesday why in my slides one column of circles in my slides (ou can see on slide 11 if you have the patience to look) changed colours from row to row? It is because the innovation you want to produce changes from phase to phase. Version N becomes version N+1. etc. Because of the compromises between the actors.

Boris Johnson’s second OPP is that tomorrow a majority of the UK parliament must agree to yesterday’s deal. The actor « UK parliament » is at the moment probably on the anti programme side. A majority against Johnson. Tonight, he and his allies will be working hard to persuade enough hesitant MPs (Members of Parliament) to vote « yes ». Johnson hopes that when the parliament votes tomorrow, the actor « UK parliament » will cross the front line from the right hand anti-programme side to the left hand programme side. In this case Johnson’s innovation (that is Version N+1 of the Brexit deal) remains as version N+1 and becomes a deal. There are no more anti programmes. But if the OPP stays in the anti programme side and there is no majority then the Brexit deal N+1 is dead.

We wait and see what’s going to happen.




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