IPM1 thinking task #8: the project cycle

99% of « traditional » or « classic » project management teaching will break the project down into 3 or 4 or 5 phases. Look for the meaning, don’t worry about the jargon. The logic is the same in all cases.

1. You prepare

2. You do

3. You hand over

The model I will use with you during our course has 4 phases.

1. Phase 1 : you analyse what needs to be done

2. Phase 2 : you frame the project

3. Phase 3 : you do it

4. Phase 4 : you hand the project over and you make sure you learn for next time.







4 phases

Those little black squares standing on their corners represent key moments in the project. Phase changes.

The analysis phase (1) exists in order for you to decide. Decide what?Typically : go? standby? no go?

The framing phase (2) is there so that you launch the project cleanly. You have to organise everything during this phase. You make the scaffolding so the project doesn’t fall apart when it starts to go?

Most of the time (in months or weeks or days or years) is spent doing the project.  When it’s over and accepted and approved by the client you can hand it over. That’s the end of the longest phase (3).

Finally, you encapsulate everything you have learnt for later use in other projects. That’s phase 4.  90% of companies forget about this because « there’s no time ». Miserable attitude.  The payback comes later.

So on Monday we will look at phase 1.  We’ll see that it breaks down into 3 steps:

a) producing a vision statement

b) scanning the environment

c) proposing a project

That was the final thinking task.

Now you’re ready for the Monday morning quiz. In it I’ll ask you for definitions and to label the various diagrams we’ve introduced.

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