IPM1 thinking task #5: the actors in a project

The question here is what sorts of actors are involved in a project?  I’ve always done this in class. It’s more interactive.  A sort of brainstorming happens.

People say things like « managers, engineers, financers, cost controlers, etc. »

We go on until there are about 30 types of actor in the board.

Very often they forget the most important one.

I tell them that in every project there are always four categories of actors. And I draw a little molecule to illustrate this.

4 roles with 3 named

At the top we have the project sponsor

bottom left are the resources who work on the project

in the middle is the project manager

But the most important role is missing!

What to you think that could be?

4 bubbles 4 roles

The USERS of course!!!!

The poor, forgotten users.

Any thoughts on this?

Well, each role can be a complex. Multiple people.

Multiple decision makers not just one big boss.

Multiple resources. Lots of subcontractors.

Maybe a whole project team, not just one person.

And sometimes a whole user complex, as we will see on Monday, when we’ll do a little exercise on users.

But meanwhile, just test this little molecule by running through a few projects you’ve worked on and see if you can fit the various people who worked on them into one of the four « atoms ».

Finally, the communication flow is usually centred on the project manager.  So the arrows go like this:

3 arrows 4 roles

So the project manager is the interface between the sponsor, the ressources and the users.

Is that how it always is????In your experience????

Is that how it should be? Always?….

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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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