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Les ITMPs étaient de retour aujourd’hui et…

…ce fut un plaisir de les retrouver dans la salle 164. Sur les murs les traces de leur passage entre novembre et  avril – affiches, schémas, dessins et autres brainstormings sur les MIPCOs, Design Thinking, Start Ups, Economie Circulaire, MAPCOs, … Lire la suite

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The winner is Ben! The winner of what? Ben who? The answer is here It would have been nice if Ivan could have shared it though… And I’m sure we’ll be seeing and hearing lots in the future from Gregor who really deserved … Lire la suite

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Someone who can brilliantly manage a heterogenous group of highly competent individuals in a highly stressful situation. No. More than manage. Obtain outstanding results. Spiritual and moving. Someone young with immense potential. 270 candidates applied. 20 were short listed. Then 12. … Lire la suite

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LA=1, Af=2, Eu=6, As=10, USA =????

30! This is not some kind of an IQ test but a summary of the cover of this MIT article on the world’s 50 smartest companies (whatever that means) Worth a brief read here. More for the user interface options … Lire la suite

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