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Innovexit? Yes, but soft not hard.

Originally, a year or so ago, my idea was to stop everything to do with work and to focus only on music.  That was hard innovexit. But meeting and discussing with former ITMP students has softened that position. Listening to … Lire la suite

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The UK goes solar as G7 discussions beat about the bush.

Indeed! An EDF researcher told me (off the record) a couple of years ago that the cost of photovoltaic production was dropping fast, and yields were rising, so that in-house EDF reports were forecasting dramatic electricity production restructuring in the … Lire la suite

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Michael Moore discovers « that homework is more or less obsolete » in Finland

Thank you Andrea for this great link to the controversy about « school homework or no school homework? ». I would just add that the Finnish university students who’ve been taking my KVS53 course in Turku always had an amazing capacity for … Lire la suite

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« Il manque des bons cas d’innovation… »

« …en France » disait souvent John Gaynard, lors de ses cours ITMP sur le change management et KM. Voici un ouvrage récent qui parle au moins de quelques entreprises françaises. Connaissez vous d’autres sources spécifiquement sur la France?

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