Finnovation Friday 28th April modifications

The programme has been optimised a little

  1. 715: take #32 or #42 bus to Market Square & change there to take #1 bus in direction of the Castle where you get off as on the programme to visit Turku Energia
  2. 800 to 900: Turku Energia seminar with Antto Kulla.
  3. 915: Catch bus to return to Market Square where you get off the bus. Then go to the new start up place which is on the east side of the market square near the big Wiklund department store. This is where Doerz is now located. There Aliia will meet you. The exact address is not yet on your programme but will be soon!!
  4. 945 to 1045: Doerz seminar with Aliia
  5. Take #32 or #42 bus in direction of the Inn 22 Hostel and get off at the bus stop opposite a few stops before your usual Inn 22 bus top near Biocity, Pharmacity etc. The exact location of Boost Turku is indicated on your programme.
  6. 1115 to 1200 you are at Spark with Juha Matti Santala at Boost Turku. (He has to leave at 1200 so please be on time).
  7. Have lunch at the Turku School of Economics about 15 minutes walk away.
  8. Walk back and be at 1330 at the Data City building just around the corner from Boost Turku as indicated on the program.
  9. Make sure you get the correct entrance (I think there are three : A, B & C! but the information is on your programme) and take the lift (hissi) to Axel Company.
  10. 1330 to 1430 (or maybe a bit more depending on how much jet lag CEO Petri Kalske will have after his flight from the USA) you are with Fuugo part of the Axel Company.
  11. After that you are free!

If you have cars and use your cars it will be much quicker but parking will take time.

  1. The drive from Inn 22 to Turku Energia will take 15 minutes door to door if you don’t get lost!
  2. Turku Energia to Aliia’s & Doerz new location on Market Square will take 15 minutes because you have to include parking (I recommend the car park behind the Koulu which you can access from Linnankatu – it’s a 5 minute walk from there to Aliia’s new place)
  3. The drive and parking (which is not easy around the Biocity, PharmaCity complex) to Boost Turku  will take at least 15 minutes because of parking. An alternative would be to park at or near the TSE and walk to Boost Turku.
  4. Once you have parked you could do the rest on foot.

Bon courage!!


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