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Block off 20 hours one weekend and properly read this…

…great book by Michel Callon and his colleagues. Old (to me old is 1970s, but to most people 2001 is old!) and deep. Acting in an Uncertain World, the English language version of Agir dans un monde incertain came out in … Lire la suite

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Hard science =/= soft science; hard skills =/= soft skills; hard robots…

…yes indeed : soft robots. Olivier Allard, our 2011 ITMP alumni biomimicry specialist, will have interesting things to say about this, I’m sure.

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From hippomobility to automobility to…?

I once heard a radio programme in which Daniel Roche, a wonderful historian of the 18th century (in the same league as Robert Darnton), described the industrial ecosystem at the time of hippomobility.  Horses provided power. They ate grain. They … Lire la suite

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…and all innovation roads are littered with controversies…

…this pipeline controversy would be a nice case for a warm up exercise in a class…of which the first will be with the ISBS1 students on Friday 9th September and the second with the MoTIS group on November 15th.  

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Days are getting shorter so it’s time for the old innovation road…

What a summer. The daughter of one of our very innovative past ITMP graduates became an Olympic judo vice champion in Rio. But the summer is starting to wind down despite a mega heat wave and after some wonderful distracting activities … Lire la suite

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