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Wireless charging maybe but which type?

A couple of years ago I made up a great controversy mapping exercise based on wireless charging for cars. Since then tabletop wireless phone chargers appeared at Helsinki airport and even at Charles de Gaulle. then they disappeared. I supposed … Lire la suite

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Are controversies useful?

No prizes for guessing my opinion on this! But when an ESIEE engineering lecturer colleague sent me this link I thought « Oh yeah! Bruno Latour on the radio again ». But no. This is a different set of experts and academics: … Lire la suite

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8 fascinating Paradoxes of Collaborative Innovations in 104 minutes

Where? mardi 31 mai : 15h00 – 18h30 Amphithéâtre 8, Université Paris-Dauphine Who? Patrick COHENDET (HEC, Montreal/Canada) – Main issues of middle ground in the Canadian collaborative innovation process Eric LEMERLE, (Innovation Project Manager, Renault /France) – Co-innovation through project … Lire la suite

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Finland aftershock

Every year in May when we get back from our rich and stimulating Finnovation trips we are full of ideas and resolutions. Then we encounter a wall of energy in Paris, where everything to do with innovation seems to happen … Lire la suite

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Déjà de retour…avec les blogueurs ITMP

Finnovation a été super! Nous sommes revenus samedi soir. Comme d’habitude il nous manquait une bonne QUANTUM BREAK. C’est quoi ça? Un jeu vidéo finlandais ultra sophistiqué sur le quel Matti a passé pas mal de temps dans son workshop … Lire la suite

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