Springboard…mish mash!

Springboard is a Baltic region start up coaching plus competition. 12 finalists from Estonia, Latvia and Finland presented this evening in the Turku Spark centre. Luciana, Kabache and I were there. I was taking pictures and notes at the same time on my ipad but have now replaced the written string of notes by a summary of what we saw!

Basically it was exciting, well moderated. We left as the judges (high level science entrepreneurs and investors – 2 from Cambridge UK and one Finn) were deliberating,

the 3 Start Up Springboard judges

the 3 Start Up Springboard judges

I guess the results are out by now!

Here are some facts about the programme

Basic facts about springboard

Basic facts about springboard

Now, here in reverse order is what we saw presented:

Gym collection

12. Gym collection

This is an app to help you keep real time detailed track of your weights performance in the gym. (I’d need that for my piano exercises I thought)

11. starry pillow and blanket

11. starry pillow and blanket

A pillow and blanket embroidered with stars that light up into constellations for kids who dont like the dark and turn off when they fall asleep.  Fabulous designer + engineer combination.

doerz and sharers

10. Doerz and sharers

This DOERZ (pronounced dooers as in people who « do ») is the idea of offering to share things you know about or can do with others. When he showed this picture of a Karelian granny

Karelian granny ready to share her recipes

Karelian granny ready to share her recipes

sharing her cooking secrets I mailed Sveta and Leila from ITMP15 who presented us a project of a « granny community » for passing on unique recipes.

Now came an electrifying idea I would immediately have invested in if I’d been one of the business angels present. A post tick bite testing system which covers 25 pathogens instead of one, costs far less and is more reliable. People with Lyme’s disease could really

9. the benefits of the proposal

9. Benefits of the Tickplex proposal

get into it.

The 19 year old student who presented this had already signed a partnership with Telia the telecoms operator (over 100m customers).

Weps business timeline and milestones

8. Weps business timeline and milestones

Their Weps service is based on a « yes » « no » dialogue system for making basic web sites at 1% of the cost and really fast. I would invest (and try and make a website myself too).

Next we had a virtual avatar based service for training people who are going to interview very young children who have possible been abused. A university based R&D application for police investigators and social workers.

7. EIT interview simulator

7. EIT interview simulator

At this point there was a little break for people to chat and mix

Half time at Spingboard

Half time at Spingboard

Before which it had all started with a waste collection project called Mr Bin

1. Mr Bin's competition analysis

1. Mr Bin’s competition analysis

Followed by a high quality virtual reality experience service or place (we weren’t sure) you could rent in 30 minute modules.

2. Be a virtual rock star

2. Be a virtual rock star

And then came a fluid intake measurement system for hospitals and clinics that saves precious staff time on checking if patients are drinking enough.

3. Fluid intake measurement system

3. Fluid intake measurement system

This was cool and being piloted in hospitals already.

This Even Cart service simplifies organising events and trips for groups of people who have to pay etc.  Just like Finnovation!!!

3. Make your event planning simpler

4. Make your event planning simpler

Now came a solar powered smartphone charging system for open and public places

5. Solar dot

5. Solar dot

And finally a way of adding 10% efficiency to small wind power devices which suffer from slow winds


6. Wind easy

I had faith in the 3 serious engineers!

The whole show was moderated with tasteful humour by a business angel




And in the end?

The presentations were tight and took 3 minutes. I preferred the ones not learned by heart. There was more emotion in them (as Luciana poi,ted out in the break).

All 12 projects were plausible. 6 were feasible. 3 or 4 had real potential although some were nearer to market than others.

The whole thing was very international, convivial, open and efficiently run.

There was a nice mix of products and services. Health, wellness, environment, leisure, etc.

I wouldn’t exactly say I’m glad I missed my winter sauna, but I’m very glad I witnessed such an event.








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