48 hours a day is what you need here in…

…Turku to do justice to everything that happens on these wonderful Finnovation trips. Hundreds of pictures; excellent encounters; passionate presenters; stimulating thoughts and experiences happened today.

But we don’t have 48 hours today.

Let’s try and say it in pictures pending a more complete story.

  1. We get inspired at the amazing student run accelerator and incubator, where Juha Matti Santola enchants us with open access entrepreneurship programmes. Here’s the ITMP group under a quote that’s worth reading.
Joe, Luciana, Juha Matti, Kabache, Chorouk and Haitham

Joe, Luciana, Juha Matti, Kabache, Chorouk and Haitham

« When you succeed, celebrate with beer. When you fail, celebrate with champagne ». Wise words from a person who clearly walks the talk!

As the no longer boss of ITMP I was free to move around and take pictures like this


and bump into people like Johanna Puhtila, who kindly invited us to the Baltic Demo Start Up event Wednesday at 5 pm.  Or, pop out, ring the doorbell and and meet Olle Svanfeldt-Winter, the Implementation Manager of one of Spark’s success stories – Walkbase (which some of the French companies our ITMPs worked in last year should meet). And then chat to Sonja Nylander, who may just be able to organise an interesting visit to the new Life Science Incubator for the ISBS2 students when they come here in May.

2.  We walk to the TSE

ITMP16 arrives at Turku School of Econopmics

ITMP16 arrives at Turku School of Econopmics

3. We have coffee downstairs and meet my friend Hannu Makonnen who agrees to give us a seminar on Thursday.

4. We here the latest on the Finnish video games industry from Matti Mantymaki who’s been actively researching the sector for years. Here are some of his conclusions about the two types of games companies.


We discover that real time analytics of gamers feeds into more or less redesign and iterations.

Here the group poses for a quick picture before lunch


which wed finish late, so we warn our next host, Natacha Bolatovic Trygg of the Game Lab at the University we are going to be late! She and her colleagues show us 3 game prototypes. The lab is a gamers’ paradise (« or hell? » asks Joe suggesting that « you can’t seriously just play and be serious at the same time can you? ») and there seem to be dozens of projects under way for all types of clients (« some easy, some difficult – but that’s life » says Natacha). We see an example of wellness, which simulates cross country skiing; a learning experience about the art at Turku Castle (which the Museomix people Christelle Fritz has been hanging out with would love; and which Luciana (the now ITMP boss) is interested in because it could connect with a UNESCO heritage project in Paris) and finally one for the Turku Trade Fair, with lots of playing cards for kids to want to meet companies.

The lab also teaches a high level programme for 30 students a year…not nearly enough to satisfy Finland’s appetite for talented game designers.

Yes it’s multidisciplinary. Natacha shares her background and passion for the subject and profession over coffee as we listen actively. « Kiitos! » Kirsi Lehto, coinventor of the Time Trek project we visited last year and the year before. Thank you for connecting us with this creative bunch of people (who I hope are going to design a bit of the history of the universe for you!). Here they are getting ready…


for the final picture!


Then it was 4pm. We went home and had some tea.

Dear Pertti, I had no time to tell you all this in the evening. We talked about other things. Thank you again for starting this whole Finnovation initiative in March 2000; for organising wonderful visits and contacts for us over the years; for making it possible for us to continue expanding autonomously.

Bonne nuit!!

A propos markowskikrys

I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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