Fireworks at the Hotel Potocki as…

…last year’s ITMP15 (ex) students got their Advanced Masters degrees on Friday during a very special ceremony at the Paris Chamber of Commerce

the entrance staircase

the entrance staircase

just off the Champs Elysées.

Lucie, one of our student reps, made a great speech covering all the highlights (and a few lowlights!) of the year. Then Laure Reinhart from the French innovation agency BPI France, made a valedictory speech about how startup Europe and France needs talents like the ITMPs (and the MoTIS students too) to turn banzais into unicorns. We do really need your talents, energy, creativity and common sense!!

In May I will try and do a special interview with Laure, who (by the way) championed BPI France’s Innovation Nouvelle Generation  initiative last year, but also commissioned an ITMP Maxiprojet.

Jean-Paul Vermès, President of the CCIP, launched the event; Pierre Deschamps, the Chairman of ESIEE Paris board of governors stressed the vitalising role of the Masters programme n his speech; ESIEE director Dominique Perrin and Didier Degny, Head of Studies, were as firmly committed as they had been from November to May.

It was great that some of the cornerstones of the programme (Michel Pagerie, Jean-Paul Eutrope, Christelle Fritz and, of course, Mike Gradwell) came.

I am sure that the new ITMP course director, my colleague and friend, Luciana Castro Goncalves, will be signing the ITMP degrees for many, many years to come.

The fireworks, by the way, were in the eyes of our ITMPs.


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