Comments on the Java post

This is a mail from Sebastien Millot

The article was very interesting and highlighted many actual problems.
I said that I can’t choose between the two. Indeed Java is not as cool as others can say. Security breaches, lazy coding, …
But currently android applications are coded in Java language. Moreover some microcontroller like Arduino Uno are based on java that’s why java is cool, it allows you to access to a very cool world where program interact with real object thanks to electronic and microcontroller and finally you can treat and visualize the data records with the microcontroller directly on your android smartphone. In addition I experimented a Linux program coded in java which allows you to resuscitate your nexus S phone after a bad bricking.
To conclude, the age of IOT is raising and java will probably be more present than ever around us. Today security of our private information is a big challenge and it’s maybe time to think about a new java language (like C which became C++) or to change the way most people programs with java.
Currently I rather use C++ or python for programs on computer and I’ll sharpe my skill in java for android application and Arduino. At least there is a wonderful IDE based on java which is called Processing. It is developed by MIT. You can develop generative design application and some scientific applications are coded under this IDE (For example, visualization of EMG Data in real time on your computer).
Here the link :

And another 4th year ESIEE student says this

J’ai bien lu l’article en question, j’ai commencé à programmer à l’âge de 9 ans, je programme en plusieurs langages (python/ruby/java/C#/PHP/nofe.js et surtout c et c++).
Je mixe les langages à plusieurs reprises suivant les contraintes:
Temps de calculs : C++
Stabilité : PHP
Temps réel : golang ou node.js
Il est important de noter que tout ces langages peuvent être utilisés « objectOriented ». Qu’un développeur ne sache faire que des classes et des objets il n’est pas considéré comme un développeur mais comme un architecte application et ce n’est pas une tâche facile, c’est plus important que de coder.



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