Ambidexterity is normal…

…or at least it it should be.

I had a Dutch graphic designer friend who could draw and sketch with both hands simultaneously. It was amazing.

I’ve spent the whole weekend scratching the surface of the question « how do CAC 40 firms organize themselves? ».

Most of them seem pretty right handed to me, but I was surprised to find that there is certainly lots of lip service paid to the importance of incorporating an innovation culture which is beyond the classic R&D.  Some CAC40 CEOs seem really convinced.

The concept of the ambidextrous organization, which is excellent at both exploring and exploiting, has been around for almost fourty years.  Check it out if you’re interested.

So.  In The Dynamics of Innovation (a wonderful book!) Abernathy and Utterback give the example of how in the 19th century refrigeration totally transformed the ice block industry (90, 000 jobs in the USA). It took decades.

In 1999, after an internship in Sony Music, ITMP’s Samba Cissé did his thesis on disruptions in the music business. A few years later Apple disrupted the business with the iPod ecosystem. Tomorrow, Apple, disrupted by Spotify and Deezer, will announce its new streaming service.

Disruption is normal. Goodbye laminar flow. Welcome turbulent flow. Byebye certainty. Hello uncertainty.

Meanwhile, I wonder if Medella’s smart contact lens will disrupt something?








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