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Standing room only…

for « ESIEE’s biggest day » as our director Dominique Perrin referred to it in the Dassault lecture hall which was full to the brim. 100 technology and innovation projects were competing for 3 main prizes The 1200€ Innovation Prize (thank you … Lire la suite

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The world’s 50 smart…smarter…smartest…companies

« Smartest » company means the company having :  « truly innovative technology and a business model that is both practical and ambitious » So who are they? Find out here!    

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R u impatient to start ITMP? Do u have time 2 kill?

If so…then maybe this University of Irvine MOOC on project mannagement is for you! Our ESIEE engineering students have been going to Irvine for over 30 years. I have only heard excellent things about Irvine. They probably have one of … Lire la suite

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100€ pré-numériques valent moins que 100€ post-numériques

Selon Philippe Ris, fondateur de Auris Solutions, dans un article dans Les Echos du 12 juin – qui soulève quelques autres questions intéressantes. Un exemple dans l’économie de la restauration m’a été presenté hier, dans le Eurostar en direction Londres, … Lire la suite

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The Edge is often richer than the centre…

Not U2’s edge, but an organization’s edge. Richer in knowledge, understanding, practical wisdom and know how (although the centre has the Mercs, the Jags and BMWs; it plays golf and polo; it gets interviewed in the FT or the WSJ). … Lire la suite

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Comments on the Java post

This is a mail from Sebastien Millot The article was very interesting and highlighted many actual problems. I said that I can’t choose between the two. Indeed Java is not as cool as others can say. Security breaches, lazy coding, … Lire la suite

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Java controversy percolating away

I’d be interested to know if you share the author’s opinions about why many software developers don’t like Java. Here is his very interesting and well argued analysis. Then vote please

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