100% agile…

…means 100% SCRUM…to Jean Michel Bérard, the CEO of ESKER,

This 30 year old French software service company, worth 50M€  is a world leader in paperless processes. You can hear him here talking about the advantages of SCRUM as an organisational method at 19’41 » into  this interview on BFM Business radio this morning.

The (primeval) historian of science and technology in me was fascinated by his rapid history of the company.  To hear this you need about 25 minutes and start listening to the podcast at 0′!

The (recent) WOO (Who organises organizations?) detective in me was fascinated by the 3 or 4 organizational mutations his company has undergone and is undergoing now but also which his company is promoting as they develop new paperless client supplier collaboration platforms.

The Suomifan in me remarked that ESKER’s European competitors are Scandinavian and notably Finnish.

The researcher in me wonders if there could be something here for a Franco-Finnish case study on WOO?



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