The Future of Design Thinking

Which of these two statements would you blow up onto an A2 size poster, put on the wall of your room, your office or your classroom?

(a) There is a path to success without going through failure

(b) There is no path to success without going through failure

This morning at the Paris Est D School I attended an International Conference organized by Véronique Hillen and her team. It was full. The speakers were interesting. The topics were important. The message was something like this.

Whatever (innovative thing it is) you design, (1) really (but really really) empathise with the future users to understand what is needed and what will content or delight them; (2) design (3) iterate your proposed offer with the users until you get it right.

We saw cases of innovation directors of large French (really really large) enterprises modestly telling us how taking such an approach was changing their company’s way of innovating.  May their enlightenment disseminate.

In the panel on Designing for the Silver Economy we heard and saw fabulous examples given by Jeremy Myerson, Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design in the UK. Also a very moving, well articulated and sublimely presented series of caselets from Gretchen Addi of IDEO.

Banny Banerjee’s short, specially made video conference on Leadership 3.0 was my favourite. Probably because it fitted in so nicely with our ongoing CITRON detective saga about who organizes organizations (and how)?  Unfortunately it is not yet available. So I went to You tube and found Banny Banerjee explaining his metaphor of fish hook questions.

And if you want to hear the founder and director of Change Labs Stanford’s answer to the question at the top of this page just fast forward to 10’32 ».





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