Concours Lepine becomes SLUSH

May is the month for inventors in Paris. This year is the 114th edition of the inventors’ competition.

Last year I remember our ESIEE friend and innovator Nicolas Trub being interviewed on the radio. There were 13 categories of prizes in 2014. I recall Valérie Gramont, whose business Buche Smart & Green transforms coffee grounds into « firewood » and sells them of course.

The Concours Lépine is a very « franco français » thing which gets lots of media coverage here and attracts hundreds of competitors.

Totally cool in 1901 when it was started. A second generation innovation competition we might call it. (The first generation ones were in the 18th century! That was my research topic 40 years ago!!!).  In those days railroads, metro, telegraph, radio, telephones, cars were all hot innovations like smart objects or 3D printers are now.

Concours Lépine is very different from SLUSH which « aims at developing the local entrepreneurship communities and technology ecosystems »

In 6 months time SLUSH 2015 will take place in Helsinki. This we might call a fourth generation innovation showcase. (YOZ driven, global from the outset and a « commons » approach)

SLUSH is a Finnish service innovation  which aims to (and probably will) draw in 15, 000 entrepreneurs to Helsinki on 11th & 12th November.  Started a couple of years ago by young people and volunteers with 300 participants, it has spread worldwide and there are have so far been over a hundred Slush happenings.

If you like the idea but can’t afford the conference, you can be one of 1500 volunteers. Check it out here!  Who knows, you might be the one to bring it to France…





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