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How many fingers were there in Paris yesterday?

FINGers… as in members of the FING, which is the Foundation for Internet New Generation. Yesterday FING celebrated its 15th birthday. There wre lots of fingers at the party. There were a few workshops. I went to one on FING … Lire la suite

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Hello Tomorrow or…

…I’m a GOM… but an optimistic GOM. A GOM is a « grumpy old man ».  And this time of year I start moaning about all the innovation things in Paris that always happen at this time of year. The Rite of … Lire la suite

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100% agile…

…means 100% SCRUM…to Jean Michel Bérard, the CEO of ESKER, This 30 year old French software service company, worth 50M€  is a world leader in paperless processes. You can hear him here talking about the advantages of SCRUM as an … Lire la suite

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Are you suffering from « ennui »? If so…

…this will keep you occupied for a few weeks! Why not take a course on The Essentials of Entrepreneurship : Thinking and Action or Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making I have not taken them and at the age of … Lire la suite

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Project Management by Dilbert

Most of our ITMPs left for their internships a couple of weeks ago. Their workshop and playspace rooms 164 & 165 are now CITRON centred.  Here we are trying to understand who organizes organizations… Meanwhile, my Finnish and other international … Lire la suite

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The Future of Design Thinking

Which of these two statements would you blow up onto an A2 size poster, put on the wall of your room, your office or your classroom? (a) There is a path to success without going through failure (b) There is … Lire la suite

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Killing innovation

Thank you Guillaume Bort (ITMP alumni and CEO) for posting this Usine Nouvelle interview on your LI page. Every aspiring junior project manager should read it. In the light of our CITRON initiative on how organizations organize themselves, François Dupuy’s … Lire la suite

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