Ain’t no Leippajuusto here and that ain’t good!

Hmm. I’m sitting by gate 25 waiting for my plane home. Everyone has left. Lucie, Roki, Gabriel, Gilles, Odilon and Saad packed yesterday. We all drove to Helsinki and they got the 7pm plane. Mike and I travelled back to Turku in a snowy landscape and near zero temperatures.

But Tuesday and Wednesday were great.

Juha gave us an overview of where the Finland Futures Centre is going. « Wicked problems » is the topic of the 2015 conference. There is no shortage of those in the world.

Petri’s metaphor of the walled garden of the traditional TV broadcasting industry was a captivating as usual. The « snakes » are getting in and Fuugo, the company he founded, is one of them. The business model which finally emerged in 2014 is the right one. The company is very successful and recruiting project managers to handle the processes. I suspect some of my KVS53 Turku students would be good candidates!

Birgitta had to cancel because of allergy provoked flu, so we missed her work on emotions and innovation.

Mike rested. I had dinner with Magnus, who was rather interested in Ilaria’s research on organizations. Then we all met up in the Koulu, where Gilles and Saad played chess and I realized I had a few Linked In references to write up !

Wednesday morning was free. We did serendipity. Someone told us the Logomo  had lots of start ups. Along we went with Lucie, Roki and Gabriel. They did all the talking and got taken around by a friendly marketing person. It was just like in 2000. Talking to people and saying « we are on an innovation expedition to Turku, and…. ». People took time to talk to us and it turned out the CEO of was a friend of Valtteri’s.   In one apparently highly successful company which was working with Google, Gabriel got the cold shoulder. But still it was exciting stuff! Naturally the design and services were amazing. For 135€ a month you get a space.

We all had lunch at TSE and got to Turku Energia in the pouring rain. Coffee and biscuits first. Then a fantastic 90 minute session with Antto Kulla, an energy engineer and economist. He explained how the district heating and cooling services complemented the electricity supply. Showed us Scandinavian net MW flows on a minute by minute basis, as well as the €/MWh prices variations (Lithuania almost 50, the rest below 30), presented the electric road project, the multi fuel power plant due to open in 2017 and a very innovative building project in he high houses would feed energy, cooling and electricity into the network. Jean Paul would have loved it.

And that was that.

Now it’s 1035. Helsinki airport is calm. Mike flew off at 735. My plane is at 1215. There is no Leippajuusto to be found and taken back to Paris in the entire airport – which is being refurbished for the 3rd time in 5 years. So sad. All geared for Asia traffic now that this has become a major hub.

But I do so love Finnish coffee…




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