Barbecue generation

We have two sucessive ITMP barbecue generations.  Spring arrives. Weather gets nice. Classes almost over. Finnovation getting nearer.

« Lets have a picnic! » says an ITMP and then « Why not a barbecue? »

It happened last year in April.

It happened again today.

Perfect sunny day. Antoine, Clément, Lucie, Pascal, Odilon, Svetlana, Saad are there. Leila Zadi is there too. So is Christelle. And Ilaria from Milano Politecnico.

Lucie has a clever idea for making tables. Clément’s quiches, Pascal’s salad and lots of sausages!  Caleb, Gilles and Roméo arrive.  We could almost have a full  ITMP football team.

barbecue itmp15

But project presentations are tomorrow and Wednesday. So everything gets wrapped up and we head back to 164 for coffee and finishing slides.

I think we need a repeat soon!






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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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