Organizational elixir…

…is to be found in a rapidly growing community of Organizational Designers.

So I discovered as I trudged wearily around the internet looking for something that would help us in the exciting quest (prompted by Ilaria Zucconi’s current research on the role of the Organizational Function in French companies) to find out more about how organizations organize themselves.

I’ve posted in the last couple of weeks on this topic.

If you are interested and have time, take a look at this new emerging profession and academic discipline.

The Journal of Organization Design is 4 years old. There are 14 issues. Nearly a hundred articles.

I haven’t had time to read them all, but I’ve looked through a few.

Last Friday week, when we were interviewing Daniel Kaplan, the head of the FING, aboutIlaria’s impending survey, he discussed how an organization’s needs for organizing itself would change as it grew. There would be thresholds.

He was right.

Here, you can download what maestro Galbraith had to say about the evolution of enterpirse organization designs a couple of years ago.  No necrophilia! Pure gold!

Although I’m not a member of this OD community (yet!), I should mention that they do point out that a small donation for the downloads could help their commons model.  (Oh! the cursor’s just move up by a few percent…)






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