If I were back in 1971…

…when I first started studying innovation at Manchester, where my profs had just written a book called Wealth from Knowledge

as well as going to classes, playing bridge whenever we were free, going to one type of concerts at the Free Trade Hall, going to other types at the Union, I’d try and make some time for these MOOCs to better understand how organisations are (but, above all, will be) organising themselves. This interest was awakened by my encounter with Poult Biscuits (the most innovative organisation in France I would say)  last summer.

But a few winter meetings with Magnus and his colleagues at the PBI and the recent arrival of a final year Politecnico di Milano engineering student with a research mission to compare aspects of Italian and French organisations is making it concrete.

This is how my first little field expedition went:

Critical Perspectives on Management, looks really interesting

This book on Operations Strategy : Principle and Practice looks good as does the MOOC that goes with it

This Harvard Business Review article on bringing agile to the whole organisation is a quick and interesting read

Although sponsored, this report on rethinking the IT/Business partnership to drive digital innovation is worth a read too.

This one on Lean Knowledge Work, looks at the Wipro case.

In this HEC MOOC you can learn about Orgology

And here we find a consultancy about orgology

and a book.

I’d look at EGOS (the European Group on Organisational Studies) and especially these working groups:

Organisational Ethnography


Organisations as process

Organisational Network research

and this one where consultants are considered too

We move on to Organisational Ecology

This Wikepedia article on Organistational Theory is worth reading although I’d say Morgan’s book on Images of Organisation is still essential

Maybe closest to the Poult spirit is this Holocracy approach. (thanks to Olivier Allard our resident biomimicry specialist for pointing this out)

That’s enough for now.


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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