Lucky me. Travelling to Turku

Got a great seat on the 1050 Finnair plane to HKI. Read some ISBS programme antiprogrammes in terminal 2D. Played the red piano a bit. Read my John Le Carré book a bit. More programme antiprogrammes. Talked to my neighbour, back from Seychelles honeymoon. Topic: the shipping industry (his business between brokers and shipowners). Learnt many things which could be valuable for the HUGE PBI project on the Baltic shipping business model on which there are 3 PhDs just starting here in Turku.

Then learned about an interesting public transport experimental innovation service in Helsinki. A small minibus you can page with a handy. It stops at busstops and takes you to any other busstop. Sort of zen bus version of the Aramis project Bruno Latour wrote about which swallowed 800M € and never worked.

Then flew here. Got to my wonderful (never been here before) guesthouse. There is a HUGE living room with 7 sofas and 3 tables and a piano. Sort of private version of the Koulou (for those who know). All alone. Spreading out papers.

Read 20 ISBS programme antiprogrammes. What a talented lot they are. So courageous. Drummers, Annapurna climbers, synchronised swimmers, tennis champions, biogas producers. Couldn’t stop. They have been waiting to be read for 4 months.  Miserable teacher.

Had a sandwich in the spacious kitchen. Met a water and sanitation engineer working on development projects in Africa. We talked about Majda’s MAPCO and now have a good contact in case.  In her spare time the engineer is working as a hobby for a health supplement company.  Will look into the sceince behind this later.

Now reading the Turku student’s pre course assignments and adapting my course plan with every one I read.  What can I teach these amazing students who have already run the most incredible projects all over the world? I have half a day to decide!

There may not be time for the Koulou this evening…

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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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