Start up week starts Wednesday

The ITMPs have had a one week break. I really hope they have. Because the next (and final) two months are going to be be intensive! Let’s sum up the action so far.

Term 1 was about project sprints and agile.

Term 2 was various  practical modules plus IPMA certification.

Term 3 is lots of projects:

– the start up week

– the innovation opportunity study

– the green start up week (new to ITMP!)

– the final MAPCO (Maxi commissioned project)

Squeezed into that are

– 4 agile days with Ian, leading to DSDM certification

– the wrap up of the Information Systems course

Then Act One is over.

Act Two is optional: One week in Turku Finland as we Finnovate for the 16th time.

Act Three is the internship and the thesis.

So, as an hors d’œuvre, take a look at these 3 recent French start ups, our innovation observer, Le Gargaillou, has analysed:

Solaire2G – hybrid solar panels

Synerglace – ice skating rinks

Tronics – multifunctional sensors


A propos markowskikrys

I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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