What?!! Another iOS – Android controversy???…

…Yes it’s starting to look like a controversy portfolio. First the OSes themeselves, then the patent battles and now the controversy over the car dashboard.

When former ESIEE graduate & NYU prof, Facebook research director and AI thinker & doer Yann LeCun talked to us last year, he announced a bet involving a case of champagne about driversless cars being common by 2024.

By then our car dashboards as we’ve known them for generations will disappear and become screens filled with icons. And just as the products of subcontractors like Goodrich or Bosch or Valeo or Faurecia are woven into our cars, so also will those of Apple and Google.

Probably, the first battle will be about the emergence of a dominant design. Heterogeneous actors will be alligned on various sides of the field and the scenario will unroll over the next couple of years.

For a snapshot view of the situation now check our this recent New York Times article. And if you want to do some Actor Network Theory kriegspieling, you can map out the positions of the actors mentioned and send in your snaps! They will be published!

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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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