Magic at work makes trust makes innovation. Or maybe…

…Trust at work makes magic makes innovation?

« Tous les chefs d’entreprise devraient voir ce film » says movie maker Costa Gavras about the Bonheur au Travail documentary the Franco German TV channel Arte just showed tonight.

Two of the companies featured as examples of libertated enterprises have  crossed ITMP’s path recently. Firstly the amazing biscuit company Poult in Montauban, which I was lucky to profile last year for the French innovation agancy BPI’s New Generation Innovation book (soon available in English by the way) thanks to our FING connections – they did the « maitrise d’oeuvre » .  Secondly Gore Tex, which one of this year’s ITMP students has been working for.

IF trust replaces control,

THEN hierarchy and « bullshit jobs » are no longer necessary.

In the documentary we see how private companies and public ministries have been able to make this magic happen.

It takes a long time to do. No quick audit followed by a one year change programme.

It requires someone with a sincere vision and a capacity to enrol and convince (programme-antiprogrammes as always).

But it can happen.

My colleague Magnus Gustafsson’s groundbreaking PhD thesis at the PBI was on trust between customers and clients in projects. Ever since then I’ve considered trust building capacity as a key (maybe the key) organisational immaterial asset.

I have been lucky to be working in my « sweet spot » for the last 35 years et ESIEE,  but if I were a young person about to step out from my cosy university or Grande Ecole into the « real world », I would take a good look at this film to see what kind of a workplace is possible so that I knew what it was I was looking for…

Get yourself a bottle of something and a bowl of something else and spend 80 minutes as a couch potato. You have until 8pm next Tuesday 3rd March to do it.  After that access is denied!

Click here to start!



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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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Un commentaire pour Magic at work makes trust makes innovation. Or maybe…

  1. Cohen-Cassuto dit :

    Oui, Krys, je soutiens complètement cette thèse, mais si je considère que pour l’instant ce soit le cas que dans les sociétés jeunes de type start up comme BlaBlaCar, Google… Je le vois très nettement aussi via ma pépinière d’entreprise où le fait d’être dans un bien-être humain (coin confort, machines de sport, petits gestes de cohésion) sont très importants au quotidien.
    On en reparlera volontiers ce soir, avec un bon verre 😉



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