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What?!! Another iOS – Android controversy???…

…Yes it’s starting to look like a controversy portfolio. First the OSes themeselves, then the patent battles and now the controversy over the car dashboard. When former ESIEE graduate & NYU prof, Facebook research director and AI thinker & doer … Lire la suite

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Magic at work makes trust makes innovation. Or maybe…

…Trust at work makes magic makes innovation? « Tous les chefs d’entreprise devraient voir ce film » says movie maker Costa Gavras about the Bonheur au Travail documentary the Franco German TV channel Arte just showed tonight. Two of the companies featured … Lire la suite

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Agriculture 3.0 ?

Bien sur le Salon sempiternel d’Agriculture produit son lot d’innovations. Et de bla bla médiatique. Mais ce matin cette chronique de 3 minutes de Brice Couturier, donne plein de pistes et conjugue hi tech et eco compatibilité.  Selon le chroniqueur, … Lire la suite

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More ITMP creativity

Friday, the ITMP winter term closed with Mike’s brainstorming session. The aim was to get the ITMPs to come up with a three fruit portfolio of ideas for Christian Schach’s Opportunity study workshops, which are going to roll through the … Lire la suite

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Magic moments happen…

…when you are not expecting them. This morning was such a moment in room 164. Majda Zlassi, ITMP 10, came to present a live case. This is a creativity sprint in which ITMPs propose solutions to a real problem coming … Lire la suite

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Women and start ups. So where are the French girls??????

So today I came across this article about how tough it is for women in the macho start-up world in France. My immediate instinct was to check out the Finns. Why? Well I encountered the idea of Finnish « female fierceness » … Lire la suite

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Rêve ou cauchemar? Il suffit de « votar » pour le savoir

Cette appli pourrait être sympa en amphi, ou dans d’utres formations pour celles et ceux qui posent des questions de type…« Est-ce que l’appli Votar vous semble » a) très intéressante b) assez intéressante c) pas très intéressante d) pas du tout … Lire la suite

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