Could this be the end of the innovation tunnel in France?…

A decent answer would require a serious study, and above all proper questions to be answered.

One could be something like this : « Is France finally emerging from a long period when innovation was much talked about, hailed and admired, but not much supported in practice? Are exciting things happening in matters of innovation? Is this making a difference? »

In the past, bright young graduates opted for « safe » careers » in banking or multinationals. Risk capital was hard to find. And « innovation » often meant « technological innovation ».

Are more young graduates now more willing to take career risks?  Are big companies more willing to take risks? Are banks and other investors more willing to invest?

Well, lots of weak signals are suggesting that something might be happening.  Incubators have been sprouting up all over the place. There is now a French Tech label. Successful French start ups and innovations have been making the international headlines. Who knows, we may soon have an Innovators  Academy on prime time TV!

Tonight, the biggest French Innovation bank, the BPI, will be launching its new innovation paradigm.  Instead of financing mainly technological innovations like it has for 30 years, the BPI is opening itself up to financing other forms of innovation: marketing, social, organisational, etc.  There are 8,000,000,000 € to invest!

ITMP was fortunate (and honoured) to be tiny fractal in this paradigm shift process – which may be why Mike and I will be at the party this evening.  I was luck enough to be asked to profile the amazing total innovation process at Poult, a company I had never heard of last May, but which definitely deserves to make the cover of Harvard Business Review.

More news soon!


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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