From dead poets to dead drummers…

…or at least almost dead drummers.

1989, this Dead Poets’ Society movie was a blockbuster. We all laughed, hoped, maybe shed a tear, as Robin Williams inspired his students to go beyond their limits and do great things.  He was fighting the establishment (a conservative school) and inspiring a class with literature.

Remember the trailer?

Well, 25 years later Whiplash tells a different story.

A gifted first year student of drumming is ensnared by a sadistic, manipulative music teacher who pushes the talented drummer to practise and practise and practise until his hands bleed. Buckets of icy water help a bit. « Charlie Parker would never have become so good if a drummer hadn’t thrown a cymbal at him for being so mediocre. » Parker then practised for ten of thousands of hours and became the Parker we know.

Here’s the trailer.

Two thoughts.

One. All teachers and all students should go and see this film. Values clarification is guaranteed!  « What should I do about my talents? » « How can I encourage a gifted person to become superlative? » Our daily struggles.

Two. Times have changed. Dead Poets was about « Us! Us! Us! ». Whiplash is about « Me!Me!Me! »



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