A good day for ITMP is…

…when you meet interesting people interested in the ITMP programme.

Today we were at the Le Monde Mastères and Mastères Spécialisé Salon.  Leila, Eric (of the e-health MS) and myself.

The place was packed with Universties and Grande Ecoles, all proposing interesting courses. And of course thousands of students looking for courses. It’s a higher educational flea market.

Our ESIEE stand was well located. Next to us was Benjamin Pierre, a former 2001 ITMP graduate, who is now course director of an MBA specialised in purchasing (which was always his passion). It was good to chat and compare notes.

I had great discussions with extremely interesting potential candidates – French, Mexican, Rumanian, Russian, Chinese.  All kinds of backgounds. PhDs in Chemistry, journalists, quality managers in the food industry, lots of engineers a sociologist very much into innovation, a bio based information systems student, and others.

Fun though they are I’m never sure how these Salons actually convert into real candidates.

But my message is always the same: I don’t want to have unhappy people in ITMP thinking « I wish I’d gone somehere else ». You must make sure you really want to be here.  So here are theITMP alumni CVs.  Get in touch!  They’ll tell you the « real » truth.  And iof you have time, come and join an ITMP class whenever you want.

Sometimes they do come!



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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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