The customer’s logic

What was going through the heads of the MOLOKO executives yesterday as they were meeting the four consultant teams and listening to their proposals?

MOLOKO’s problem was to choose the best team to help them upgrade their miserable project portfolio processes so they could deliver better projects, faster and cheaper.

In real life, a good consultant could probably ask between 1500 to 5000 Euros per person per day to do the MOLOKO work once the contract is awarded. 50 consultants working for a week can cost the client 150000 Euros. It’s serious business.

The consultants’ problem was to get the contract.  To do that it helps to understand the client’s logic.

The client wants the best team. Cost is a secondary issue. Let’s suppose that in this case cost is not an issue at all. You just want the best team.

1. I am the client. I have a big problem. I want no more problem.

2. I want to be sure I get the best possible team to solve my problem.

3. Here is my check list:

a. Have they understood my problem?

b. Can they think well? can they analyse things well?

c. Are they capable of a creative and original approach?

d. Are they professional? Are they reliable? Will they be punctual? Will they deliver things on time.

e. Can they do good quality work? Will I get 80% or 90% finished deliverables or 100% quality deliverables.

f. Will we get on well? Will they work well with me? Will they work well with all the other people in my company? Are they responsive? Adaptive? Flexible? Accommodating?  Surprising? Courageous? Principled? Ethical?

g. How will they respond when things go wrong? Will they hide the problems? Will they be open about the problems?

h.  How will they perform in a crisis? Will they panic? Will they know how to handle it?

i. How well do they know their business? How well do they know my business?

j. Can I trust them to do an excellent job?

k. Do they have a style?

l. Do I like them?

If you like, you can amuse yourselves by adding other things or taking away things from this list; It might be fun to make a sort of Maslow pyramid of what you think would be the musts, maybes and nice tos that suppliers should have in their heads when they find themselves bidding for contracts.


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