You always need to have plan C in case…

…plan A and plan B don’t work.

And so it has been this week. I found out late Friday that one of our lecturers had no choice but to postpone his 4 day module due to start this Monday!

Plan B was to call everyone who would be doing modules later in January or February and see if they could switch. No one was able to do it (good sign – means they’re busy working elsewhere).

Plan C was to

1. Use some of the time to see all the ITMP students individually and check how their internship hunt is going. That meant checking CVs, e-reputation management and all the other imortant things…It has been great to see everyone on a one to one basis.

2. Kick in an adapted version of Ian Stoke’s portfolio project management exercise. So this morning, the four teams started analysing the thirty projects in terms of cost, innovation index, months to completion, expected ROI and other factors, and then proposing a balanced portfolio. There was a first (pretty good) run from 330 to 430. Tomorrow lunchtime, I’ll get their final proposals.

3. John starts his Change and Innovation course to Thursday

Plan C also includes a bottom up initiative: to use tomorrow  and Friday afternoon to revise for Michel Pagerie’s project management exam and to start preparing for the IPMA certification exam.

The week has been filled up. Information Systems will now happen in March.


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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