Finland : new game


I’m back in Turku again. Back on the Bore boat hostel. Back in the kitchen. No anxious ISBS students, no tea. Just Glögg to drink.

130 in the morning.

The busdriver from the airport very kindly took me all the way here, instead of dropping me at the market. That is definitely a new game for Finland.

Yesterday the ITMP students did a great job presenting (in 8 minutes each) the 16 practical innovation management tools and concepts from the MIPCO 2 book they wrote in two days. It definitely deserves deeper treatment on their part in 2015.

No more room this year. We kicked off a controversy class this morning. Shockingly primitive slides from me compared to their sophistication.  I tried to turn some of the potential innovations I saw last week in the Lancaster Physics Department – graphene materials (Saad’s innovation expedition), quantum encryption (Mouna’s innovation expedition on the IOT) – into ongoing controversies.  I mentioned how impressed I was that the walls of the Physics lab were full of recent papers from Nature. I mentioned how the (Lucie’s expedition) Raspberry Pi was linked into sophisticated expensive laser equipment. How clearly Professor Peter McLintock had explianed to me in minutes the complexities of non linear interaction between the heart and lungs and how this could make anaesthesia much safer.  There was a bit of time left for an exercise on offshore windmills and my chattering was firmly but humorously stopped by one of the more mature ITMP students.

Then it was time for the two E4 classes on « Finland: game Over? ».  I summarised what Magnus, Hannu & Hannu, Niina and Petri had said, explained sisu, Angry Birds and that several Finns had replied : « we are at our best when the going is tough »!  The students filled out questionnaires on « France: game over? » which I have not read yet.

Busy on the plane preparing for tomorrow’s programme anti programme seminar. This is probably the only country in the world in which companies have realised the potential of Bruno Latour’s powerful device.  My colleagues at the PBI have been using it and they kindly asked me over to join in the discussion. The 28 page paper they have submitted to a prestigious journal took me 3 hours to read.

That’s it. Up early tomorrow. Miserable wet but not freezing weather. We are near winter solistice. It’ll probably still be dark at 9.

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