Turku gets 2014 Nobel prize

Well, 33% of the 2014 chemistry Nobel prize.

Stefan Hell’s share. But on the Nobel website there is no mention of Turku, or Finland.  Then you click on the phone interview transcript.  Hell broke the diffraction barrier which had limited the size of observable particles to an order close to the wavelength of the observing light – 200 nanometers. A huge antiprogramme indeed. The transcript is worth a read. You find some of the non human actors of Hell’s programme: « enjoying challenging conventional wisdom », « gut feeling the barrier could be cracked », « real proof », « hard work »…

Now 20 nanometers.

Yesterday we heard how the Wallac Oy company helped Hell in the 90s by giving him the money he needed when no one else would. Today we saw how Turku University helped by giving him a place to work in.  His 1995 concept paper was authored from the Bioimaging laboratory in which the ISBS crew has been all week.

So Turku deserves more than gold dust.

This made our afternoon visit to HELL (the microscope room) really exciting.

Before that Inga and John Eriksson, Professor of Cell Biology and Chair of Turku Bioimaging, invited us to a working lunch.  The ISBS and Turku profs sketched out a future programme for collaboration which, if it works out, will really delight the dozens of people who have contributed to the Finnovation vision. Not least of which – Pertti Widén – the prime mover.

In between it was fun to see how more people answered the « Finland game over? » question.  Today two Hannus and Niina contributed.   I hope some charitable E4 student has answered the cry for help regarding editing the videos next week.

1135pm.  The poster presentations are in nine and a half hours’ time.  Finishing touches are being put to the projects by 13 valiant students…all 4 teachers are backing up.





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