« Finland: game over? »

This title was intially a marketing trick to draw fourth year ESIEE students into a workshop on innovation next month.

Now I’m in Finland, I’ve been asking some of my Finnish friends that same question.  The answers so far are interesting and there is a pattern! I’ll do some more interviewing tomorrow and Friday. Then I have to edit…

« France: game over? »

This I’ve been wondering about since the 1980s.  There is no course planned with that title, but being here in Turku, Finland this week with 22 French ISBS bioengineering students and watching them in action makes me want to ask people in France that question when I get back.  Comparing the two will become a little project. Maybe a big project?

Meanwhile things have happened in Turku in the last 24 hours.

Starting from now and working backwards:

1. midnight forty in the Bore kitchen are 10 ISBS students working hard on their bioimaging projects.

2. 1130 pm: last bus back to Bore hostel

3. 11 pm: mellow student teacher conversations in the Koulou on those comfortable sofas in that amazing history room.

4. 720 pm: foggy bustop in forest. 12 students and 5 profs. All on their way back from the winter sauna in Uittamo, which included swimming in the icy sea.

5. 430pm: end of a very complete visit to Wallac Oy, the Finnish branch of Perkin Elmer. We had 3 fascinating presentations from senior managers and researchers and a fantastic factory visit to see how the devices are assembled. These three hours at Wallac deserve a separate post in itself. Thanks to Anita Kuvaja and her colleagues for all the clear insights on prenatal and neonatal lifesaving actions.

6. 1pm. An angry me waiting at the 60 bustop opposite the university hospital wondering where everyone is and when they’re going to come, so that we can be there on time.

7. 9 am to midday: Our paths separated. ISBS were in Biocity working on their projects. Sophie and Redouan were in TSE with Eva Boström brainstorming on how to enrich Biofinnovation 2015-6 via joint technology/marketing projects with TSE students. I went to get a copy of Anastasia’s PhD in the Chemical Engineering Department of the Abo Akademi, had coffee, hung around the PBI and chatted to Anastasia and Magnus, saw the amazing Lego model of the Baltic shipping business, suggested it become 3 dimensional, said « au revoir ».  Went to have lunch Petri Kalske, the ever energetic and dynamic boss of Axel and Fuugo, who has always hosted our April Finnovation visits.

Magnus, (Axel) Petri and (Wallac) Petri have all answered « the question ».

129 am : 9 ISBS students are still in the Bore kitchen working on their projects. I can now go back to The Goldfinch.


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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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