We are sixteen…

… (going on to 17 I’m not sure but it could be so!). This morning our 16th ITMP student arrived from abroad. As of this morning there are 16 ITMPs in room 164 and 165.

On the menu this week is:

Olivier on the subject of biomimicry.  To be honest I discovered the significance of this when he presented his ITMP Masters thesis two years ago (under John Gaynard’s guidance) . It really impacted me.  Anastasia’s forthcoming PhD thesis in Finland on the subject of industrial symbiosis using the biogas for transport case in Finland as an example has a deep significance when you consider the biomimicry perspective. So it’s a really important trend regarding how and how not to innovate in a sustainable way. But also Olivier is a nice example of how by insight, passion and hard work, you can become what the French call a « référent » in an area you decide to invest time in.

Then the team explorations : big data, e-health, non-industrial robots, smart objects.

Then Chrsitelle kicks in with the expeditions in which each ITMP tries to do what Olivier has managed so well in an area of his or her choice.

Tuesday morning the MIPCO teams take time to share their insights on the innovation  books they wrote and delivered last week.

Afternoon is off but I encourage a visit to the Cap Digital open day.

Wednesday more teamwork in the morning and Jenny on leadership in the afternoon.

Thursday with Bruno Hirtz on project management.

Friday: leadership and finishing off the explorations by designing a poster or two or three…per team.

Busy, busy…

Meanwhile I’m reading the programme antiprogrammes the ITMPs have sent in!


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