3 pm Paris time…

…all 15 ITMP15 students were in the « Salle du Conseil ». Mike, Olivier and I were the jury. It was MIPCO viva (soutenance) time.  Each of the 3 teams presented its project on Innovation.

The ITMP10s did this in February, ITMP11s in January, ITMP12s in December, ITMP13s in December, ITMP14s in November.

In 5 years we’ve moved from middle distance running to sprinting.

Teams Aalto, Chanel and Eiffel did a great job. Oral skills were good. Nice links between different speakers. Visuals were nice. Each team had interesting things to say. Each team had a style. Each one had highlights.

Mike said to them before the start : « please choose 3 things about the others’ presentations you really liked and send me an email to say what they were ». Lots of possibilities.

5pm Paris time it was over.

14th November 2014. We have consumed around 10% of the ITMP15 programme time.

And everyone deserves a relaxing weekend.

I plan to spend some time with Mel Waldron, Kenny Barron and Alan Broadbent…






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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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