Amine! This one is for you…(but also for others)

In Finland in April, we discovered Amine the swimmer in icy waters (he can be seen on William’s amazing 2 minute video of our Finnovation trip).  In room 165 in December last year, half the ITMP14 class discovered Amine the virtual reality afficionado. The trace of his « innovation expedition » (a course masterminded by Christelle Fritz) can be found here. His trying on a virtual Tshirt in real time was a high point in ITMP14 presentations.

So this story on what will be the dominant design for VR headsets? is for Amine!…but also for everyone else.

And everyone is invited to revisit Abernathy & Utterback’s powerful idea on dominant designs.



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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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