Aren’t controversies sweet?

Yesterday we had cows and today it’s sugar. Not surprisingly, where health is concerned controversies lurk.

This one is saying drinking fruit juice does not count towards the 5 fruit a day dogma. The « fruit » in the juice is not like the « juice » in the fruit if you see…

This is a nice illustration of the notion of boundary object (object de frontière), an ANT term it took me a long time to wrap my mind around. The excellent Véronique Vissac Charles developed it in her thesis at the Ecole des Mines (which someone « borrowed » one ITMP open day and which is not downloadable alas, but you can access a later article here).

To the network of parents, « fruit juice » is fruit juice and healthy. To the network of nutritionists fruit juice is sugary liquid, and unhealthy.

The same thing has different meanings.

If we were were trying to connect and mobilise the two networks towards a common goal (healthier kids) this issue would have to be resolved.

In yesterday’s exercise on the offshore wind farm in the controversy mapping class with the MOTIS students the wind mills were also a nice illustration of boundary objects: energy source? horizon killer? house price dropper? fish repellent? And when one of the MOTIS teams suggested transparent windmills, they connected two networks through a boundary spanning object (another very interesting term but not from ANT) – the seaside residents and the energy producers.

Orange juice anyone?


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