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150000 Euros pour des innovateurs…

…si vous gagnez le concours que nos voisins de l’incubateur Descartes (qui est dirigé par Jean Christophe de Tauzia – ITMP 97) viennent de lancer. Vous avez jusqu’au 30 novembre pour postuler! Les 3 thématiques sont ville durable,  services numériques,  … Lire la suite

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The future of how things are made…

…is on show in The Gallery Pop Up in the Marais in Paris. 10 rue de Turenne. There you will see 3D printers with many diverse applications like scanning you and turning you into a little statue…or making a lightweight … Lire la suite

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Cats and dogs and projects

This morning we finished the project management course with international ESIEE Paris MSc engineering students. Exceptionally there were no books to be written. There was no time for that. Just the usual lectures from me and an exciting mini tower … Lire la suite

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Un ITMP champion du monde

Félicitations Bilel !  En plus de faire ton stage ITMP, tu es champion du monde. De quoi exactement? Merci! Oui ça fait toujours du bien de réussir dans n’importe quel domaine qu’on intègre ! La coupe du monde des SIRH dans … Lire la suite

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Controversy emergency service: net neutrality

Tony Thommes, you are now a final year ESIEE Paris student. Thanks for answering these questions on a controversy I remember you did a few years ago as a first year student. But before we go into that, please just … Lire la suite

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World innovation contest…

…coming up soon! Decades ago when I was doing my research at the Académie des Sciences on the science and technology contests of the 18th century, the topic was a historical relic. 20th century science and technology rolled along effortlessly. … Lire la suite

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Simplifying the complex

If you’re into complex biological, social or physical systems and want to improve your grip or maybe share your insights, then the New England Complex Systems Institute January 2015 seminars could be for you…

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