More ANT for managers

The work on applying ANT (actor network theory) to innovation management is continuing this summer thanks to Eva Vincenti, a final year management engineering student from Politecnico di Milano doing a 6 month thesis period in ESIEE Paris.

Eva has developed an alpha version of a problem solving assistant for managers of innovative projects, which is part of a bigger project aimed at improving the existing ANT (programme antiprogramme) diagram.

The first (face to face) testing (with real innovators!) begins on Monday 30th June here in Paris.

We hope to extend this feedback collection to Finland and maybe Italy in the next few weeks.  Then Eva will start work on a second version.

All in all we hope to interview between ten and twenty persons.

If you are part of the ANT testing network we thank you in advance for your collaboration!

If you are interested in participating…just contact me!





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I run an advanced Masters programme on project management and innovation at ESIEE
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