Physics and all that jazz…

A hundred years ago science was cool and sexy. It attracted rebels and non-conformists. Nowadays it has certain image problems.  Geeky and nerdy. Young people aren’t naturally drawn to it. So how do you make it attractive?

In the UK,  it’s the business of the Ogden Trust to « make Physics matter »

One way is by encouraging Outreach programmes. Open up the ivory towers of isolated researchers.  Take physics to the people.

Gallileo’s message. Also very 18th Century. Popularisation of science. The Abbé Nollet was famous for this.

My friend Phil Furneaux (a 21st century Abbé Nollet?)  is the « Outreach Officer » for the world class Lancaster University Department of Physics and is always coming up with ways of making Physics exciting (to attract the brightest young school leavers).

He is also an amateur jazz saxophonist –  just watch him combining profession and passion in this experiment.

I’m sure he’d love some feedback and ideas for other experiements.





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