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Know your clients or else…

« …or else what? » « And How to know my clients? » These and other questions will be raised and hopefully answered at this ISIS Service innovation seminar on Thursday 5th June morning. Yes, it’s the venue with the interesting speakers and wonderful … Lire la suite

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Physics and all that jazz…

A hundred years ago science was cool and sexy. It attracted rebels and non-conformists. Nowadays it has certain image problems.  Geeky and nerdy. Young people aren’t naturally drawn to it. So how do you make it attractive? In the UK,  it’s … Lire la suite

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Mortal critical incident in 1772

In ITMP we don’t give enough time to intercultural aspects. Alas! This radio programme is a flashback to 1772, in which a French scientific expedition meets the Maoris in New Zealand is a wonderful example of a terrible critical incident … Lire la suite

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Vappu innovation stories

1st of May is Vappu day in Finland. But all ITMPs are now safely back in France. All next week the Paris Fair (Foire de Paris) will feature the Concours Lépine – an annual inventor’s competition and fair. That’s where … Lire la suite

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