Finland Day 2

Sunny and warm. Summery feeling. But this evening we found snow on Moomin island!!

Valtteri, teacher and researcher at the TSE (but also at ESIEE where he taught the MoTIS students in September) situated Business Intelligence for us at 9 o’clock in the morning. Using Sebastien’s start up as a case study.

From 1030 until midday, Petri, CEO of Axel, hypnotised us in Data City, with a bravura overview of the typhoon about to hit the TV broadcasting business. We got a glimpse of the courage and sisu it must take to turn address your Board and tell them « the business model we’ve pinned our hopes on is about to die, but trust me and invest more into our solutions for the new, emerging one »…

Then lunch for some and a Hessburger for the ITMPs.

At 1315 Juha, the Director of the Finland Futures Research Centre, shared the most recent developments. In October 2013 it became an official university discipline from MSc to PhD, left Data City and moved back to the TSE with a crew of about 50 researchers and consultants.  I noted the FFRC was involved with capacity building projects.  Had the FFRC ever worked for charities and NGOs on strategic planning, I asked, thinking that one of our ITMP MAPCO clients (worldwide charity) had proposed that topic…? Yes, and they would be interested in a contact.  The June conference on Sustainable Futures in a Changing Climate would be a perfect venue!

At 1415 we raced across the « bridge » (like silver birds) at TSE to get to Birgitta’s and Leyla’s workshop on emotions in business. Since her thesis on radical innovation, Brigitta’s research has always explored unexpected places.  With Finnovation ITMPs we’ve been in sessions like marketing Nordic Walking or installing underground vacuum urban waste disposal systems.

Last year we heard about a Finnish company offering an innovative gravestone concept. Clearly customers for such a service would be experiencing negative emotions. This topic of finding products and services for situations in which negative emotions were present was on our menu. When the three intersecting circles « death », « serious illness » and « home » popped up on the screen, I called up all the memories of my poor and very ailing and declining Mrs M senior and remembered the emotions I had felt (pride and gratitude and admiration) as she moved slowly around her kitchen making me a  soup or as I handed over the keys to her sunny Munich flat for the last time ever (nostalgia), or as she fiercely resisted « going up to her cloud » (incredible admiration). I had to leave for 20 minutes during the presentation but when I came back the ITMPs were presenting their ideas on intersection zones of the three circles.

At the end, after the Vappu business and book signing, William stood up and declared he was going to to his thèse professionnelle on something to do with this and could he contact them when and where necessary.

« Yes, of course! » was the answer.  I mentioned that Eva Vincenti, an MSc engineering student from Politecnico di Milano who’s working with me at ESIEE on innovation management did a really original team project last year on designing a hi tech shop around emotional innovation zones of the customers. I’d like to put them in touch! « Of course » was the answer from Birgitta.

That was the end of the official programme.

Then Mike and I went off to look for Magnus at the PBI.  We found him in a big room in the Abo Akademi University the walls of which were covered in HUGE maps and posters.

« What’s this? » we asked

« It’s the beginnings of the actor network diagram of the Baltic and North Sea shipping business » said Magnus. It’s a huge 5 year research project we’re doing with Stanford, Oslo University and the Turku Universities.

« Where are the crews? » said Mike

« Good point » said Magnus

« Why isn’t there a matrix? » I asked

« You’re right. They’ll hate me when I tell the team that, but that’s when I know I’m doing my job » he mused.

Henry would love the systemics of such a project.

Then we went to the Koulou and reflected on the first two days’ events.


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